Don’t Lie. You Don’t Care.

It began simply enough.

A post in my Facebook feed that was interesting enough that I wanted to click on it. After all, who doesn’t want to learn more about Satan worship and its effect on housing pricing? IMG_1638.PNG Link says “” but instead of going to the article, it launches the App Store and lands you on the page to download the Digg Reader app.

Respect for being douchey. I get it. Me going to the LA Times makes you no money. Downloading your app gets me closer to ringing the cash register.

Except it didn’t. I will never use the Digg Reader, and am now writing a post telling everyone that I won’t.

deep breath

This is not a post about Digg. I met the guys. Good guys, hard working guys. Focused on driving news, engagement and proving traction. Cool. High five.

But as “Growth Hacking...

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